Monday, November 22, 2010


Hi everyone....

The moment I wrote this post, its raining heavily & my dearest cat named Pungut, just can't seem to stay quiet as he was sooooo afraid of the thunder sounds...hehehe...

How was your Monday? Fun? Bored? Having Monday blues syndrome? :) As for me, it was just a typical Monday, woke up a.m, bathed, and...hello office. From 8a.m till 5p.m, sitting, doing my everyday work...sneaking few minutes every few hours playing game (currently Plant VS Zombies) keep on repeating the levels though :p, and...walla...around 6p.m. I am home.

From the period between 8a.m to 6p.m, somehow pop the idea of adding dulang hantaran to our collections. Why not??? Every Malay wedding needs dulang hantaran and even today, some of the Kadazan Dusun uses dulang hantaran....yes...of course the design will be slightly different compare to the Malay's dulang.

So...I contact my partner, Helwikah, asking for her opinion and she agreed...yahooo (as she is the one who is responsible with all the sewing)...First step...generating ideas...DONE. Now, the next step would be R&D....Research and Development. Internet & Wed I come. Since I am not as creative as my partner, I really need to make a lot of research and studies.

Below are some pictures of dulang hantaran that I copied from other sorry, no intention of copying, just that I am seriously madly deeply in LOVE with your designs and really really want to share it with everyone. Its from GubaHantaran Craft...enjoy the pictures and I will soon update to you all with our very own dulang hantaran. (Hmm...may take few months I think...hohoho)


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